Plug-and-Play Button Box: Customize Your Gaming Experience to Infinity

Plug-and-Play Button Box: Customize Your Gaming Experience to Infinity

Gamers, your quest for the ultimate accessory is over! Discover our Plug-and-Play Button Box, specially designed to transform the way you play. Simple to use and incredibly versatile, this accessory is the ideal companion for those looking to personalize their gaming experience.

Key features :

- Plug-and-Play: No complex installation required. Plug in, set your preferences, and dive straight into the action.

- Functional Richness: With 13 pushbuttons, an illuminated motor start button, an on/off switch, 2 potentiometers and an on/off key, the possibilities are virtually limitless.

- Easy customization: Easily assign specific functions to each button to perfectly suit your gaming needs, whether to activate shortcuts, facilitate control or adjust settings on the fly.

- Sober, elegant design: The carbon effect, provided by a high-quality sticker on the front panel, gives the box a modern, professional look.

- Simplified installation: Four pre-drilled holes (6.5mm diameter) and easy removal of the screws at the four corners for rapid attachment. (Note: fixing screws not included).

- Reliable Connection: Included in the kit, a 2-meter corrugated cable ensures a stable connection to your PC, complemented by a power cable for seamless power supply.


Our Plug-and-Play Button Box is much more than a simple gaming accessory. It's an invitation to rethink the way you play, enriching your gaming sessions with unrivalled precision and customization. Whether you're an occasional gamer looking for comfort or a relentless competitor looking for performance, this case will adapt to all your needs.

Transform your gaming experience today.

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